Ordinary Day…

April 16, 2009

Or so I thought…

I can’t really call it a near-death experience. Pero I guess it was close to that. I was on my way to work, as as usual I have to take a boat ride along Pasig River to go from Mandaluyong to Makati. Tapos biglang nagdatingan yung mga bangkang di hamak na mas malalaki sa bangkang sinasakyan ko. And like me, everyone smell trouble. Halos naipit kami nung mga mamalaking bangka, two of them actually, yung Pasig Ferry Boat and a huge cargo boat being hauled by a couple of tugboats. Medyo malakas na din yung alon and judging from the size of the boat I was on, halatang hindi kakayanin. Added the fact na it was just a few inches away from the other boat with huge and fast spinning propellers na kayang butasin yung bangka. Looking at the two big boats passing us by, giving all of us in the small boat the ride of our lives, dancing with huge waves, the next thing na naramdaman ko ay yung pagbangga nung bangka sa isa pang bangkang nakaparada sa tabi. BANG! All I was thinking of is sana hindi nabutas yung bangka or we’ll all be toasted, err, wet. At dahil mabaho at madumi yung ilog, mas nakakatakot.

Well, obviously nothing really serious happened kasi andito pa ako typing away on this post. I caught everything on video kaso I’m too lazy to upload it os next time na lang, if ever. But I must say, it was an exciting experience nonetheless.


Old Friends, New Friends

March 22, 2009

Medyo weird, but recently I am having some experience when I run into old friends (well, not really old pero medyo matagal na since huli kaming nagkita). Recently was when I saw Alina in the same building I am working at. Sabi nya she’s going to the gym (haha, antaba na kasi). Tapos there was this one time when I run into an old, old classmate from elementary. Though I can’t remember his name, I recognize him still. It’s fun seeing people like them and catching up on things about each other. And the invitation they extend that we should go out sometimes is really flattering, kahit alam kong medyo malabo pa mangyari yun. Tapos just a couple of nights ago, kinulit ako ng baby ko to finally upload photos from our drinking session kina Jimboy at yung photos from Aileen’s first kid’s first birthday sa Flickr account ko. It just brings back those happy days na hindi hassle yung everyday life because of work and all kinds of shit. Nakakawala ng pagod sometimes kasi naaalala ko yung kakulitan at kagaguhan namin in the past.

Though I’m still happy because of new people I meet along the way. Just like now after meeting a bunch of cool people sa aking new work. Hopefully, I can also build a nice friendship with all, or at least some, of them. And maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

Sabi nga nila, people come and people go. Pero for me, once I get to know someone, they stick. Especially if they make an impact in my life.

I Need a Job!

October 8, 2008

Or do I? Well, I’m still enjoying being a bum after being unemployed for almost a week now. Yup, I currently don’t have a job right now and I’m stuck all day at my house. This is because the contract with my recent company expired. And now, I’m looking for a new job. Well, kinda. Kasi hindi din ako ganun pa kaseryoso in finding a new job kasi nga enjoy pa akong tambay sa bahay and doing nothing. Hey, no stress because of work and I have the luxury of having long sleep kasi nga hindi ko kelangan gumising ng maaga for work. Though technically I can still go to work with the company until October 15. Yup, they offered me the resources nung office to use for my job hunting. Pero I realized na parang waste of time, effort and money lang yung pagpunta sa opisina kung wala naman talaga akong gagawin dun. Though they offered to pay me also by just showing up sa office, I thought na hindi rin worth it kasi nga ilang oras lang din naman ako dun, maximum of 3 hours siguro, at hindi naman buo yung bayad. I guess I’ll just have to be contended na may makukuha akong separation pay and the pro-rated 13th month pay that I’ll be receiving this month din. Though medyo malungkot na aalis na ako sa trabahong may decent pay naman with less work, I am also excited kasi una, makakapagpahinga na ako. After almost two years of non-stop work, not even having a break after college, makakapagpahinga na ako ng totoo. And also, I have the chance to look for job na talagang gusto ko. Yung tipong magiging masaya talaga ako kasi gusto ko yung ginagawa ko as compared to some job na kaya ko lang tatanggapin kasi kelangan. This time, I thought na kelangan ko ng trabahong gusto ko to start a real career. Sabi nga ng baby ko, this time, yung para sa’kin naman.

So there? Medyo weird pero I guess I am one of those people na masaya kahit na wala akong trabaho sa ngayon. You can say na I’m between things right now. Between being miserable and being happy, finally…


October 3, 2008

[too tired to think…]

FUCK! I hate being sick, especially if it’s as intrusive and as disgusting as this cough I have. I’ve tried everything from home-made remedies to just about every kind of meds. Mukhang si Doc Aga na lang ang pag-asa. At siyempre ang kanyang trusty gorilla na babatok sakin to get the problem out. hahahaha! FUCK!

I’m Back But Not For Good

September 30, 2008

After a very long weekend of being sick including two days of being absent from work, I am back at the office but still not feeling well. But I need to get back to work or else I might end up losing all my pay for this period. FUCK! Too many tasks that I need to get back to and I hate rushing. That is why I hate being sick. Why can’t those genius just invent or discover the cure for the common cold. DAMN!


PS: Thanks to my baby who took care of me from Friday to Saturday…

Work, Work…

September 18, 2008

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

Andami kasing trabaho eh…