Religion, Religion…

August 13, 2008

Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people, otherwise, there will be no religious people.

-Dr. Gregory House
Hugh Laurie, House MD


May bago na ulit episodes ang House MD, my favorite TV show. Been watching the remaining episodes nung Season 4 na naputol dahil sa writers’ strike sa US. I’m so happy… So here’s another quote from my favorite doctor.

It’s a very useful tool: complaining. Makes people miserable. They do what you want to make the misery go away.

It’s Official…

May 22, 2008

And I’m effing right about it… David Cook is this year’s American Idol. The program was awesome, including performances by the Top 12 with artists like George Michael, Donna Summers, ZZ Top, etc. I think I’m gonna watch the replay later… WOOHOO!!!

Wish Granted!

May 9, 2008

WOOHOO!!! Jason Castro is out!!! FINALLY!!!

WOOHOO!!! Naayos na din yung akong last pay from that stupid company! FINALLY!!!

WOOHOO!!! Weekend na naman!!! FINALLY!!!


American Idol Wish

May 8, 2008

I wish Jason Castro will be booted tonight! The guy doesn’t know how to sing, much less become a decent musician. So please, no more of him. I can’t stand another week of him singing in that stage…

Bummed Out!

April 24, 2008

Nakakatamad! Well, medyo excited din to know who will be eliminated sa American Idol today. Hehe… I think I’ll finish work early para makauwi ako kaagad so I can watch it mamaya… hehehe…


April 21, 2008

I tried real hard last night not to fall asleep so that I can watch this docu on GMA about global warming and climate change called Signos. It was hosted by Richard Guiterrez with reports from Maki Pulido, Raffy Tima and my favorite dokumentarista, Howie Severino. It was just like Al Gore’s documentary, An Incovenient Truth as it showed what will happen if global warming continue and completely affect the climate change in this planet. It also showed that this impending problem is not really an impending one because signs, or signos, of it is already manifesting in the world, including the Philippines today. It was such a wake up call watching this docu because I realized that we, yes including me, have done something real bad and are now paying and will be paying for it dearly. That is why a call to everyone to be more active and be involved in this cause to fight the continuing destruction is just in order. We just have to do something, even how small it is, to improve the condition of our dying Mother Nature.

What I think about the show? Well, it was such a wake up call as I said. I’ve learned so much from it. From things that have happened, is happening and will happen, this show presented it with much clarity. Of course, all the reporters were always great in bringing us all the information we needed. But Richard Guitterez was a real surprise hosting and narrating the show. I always hated the guy, but I must say, he did a great job with the show and made it more effective. Being a popular personality like him being involved in such a serious advocacy was such a great fit. I just saw the show being watched by more people just because Richard hosted it. But one thing I just found odd is that GMA claimed that this is such an important issue that everybody should know about, then why put it in a timeslot where not many people can watch it. I mean, shows like this should be shown earlier in the day so people, including kids can watch and learn from them. I just find it odd that GMA always do things like this. Make a hard-hitting docu show, then stuck it in a timeslot so late that people can’t watch them. They are right, everyone should be informed about this issue, and they won’t be if they are already sleeping…