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Missing My Mags

March 24, 2009

It’s been almost three months nung huli akong nakabili ng aking monthly fix. Kaya naman miss na miss ko na yung mga glossy pages nung aking one and only addiction. Pero hindi bale, malapit na rin at makakatikim na ulit ako ng FHM at Playboy. And hopefully, I’ll be back with providing a review on each issue. Konting panabik din para sa sarili…

All photos courtesy of FleshAsiaDaily

Old Friends, New Friends

March 22, 2009

Medyo weird, but recently I am having some experience when I run into old friends (well, not really old pero medyo matagal na since huli kaming nagkita). Recently was when I saw Alina in the same building I am working at. Sabi nya she’s going to the gym (haha, antaba na kasi). Tapos there was this one time when I run into an old, old classmate from elementary. Though I can’t remember his name, I recognize him still. It’s fun seeing people like them and catching up on things about each other. And the invitation they extend that we should go out sometimes is really flattering, kahit alam kong medyo malabo pa mangyari yun. Tapos just a couple of nights ago, kinulit ako ng baby ko to finally upload photos from our drinking session kina Jimboy at yung photos from Aileen’s first kid’s first birthday sa Flickr account ko. It just brings back those happy days na hindi hassle yung everyday life because of work and all kinds of shit. Nakakawala ng pagod sometimes kasi naaalala ko yung kakulitan at kagaguhan namin in the past.

Though I’m still happy because of new people I meet along the way. Just like now after meeting a bunch of cool people sa aking new work. Hopefully, I can also build a nice friendship with all, or at least some, of them. And maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

Sabi nga nila, people come and people go. Pero for me, once I get to know someone, they stick. Especially if they make an impact in my life.

Ang Aking Mrs. Officer

March 20, 2009

BREAKING NEWS!!! Well, not really… si la_jaymz ay nakatali na. Hehe…


FUCK! I hate being sick, especially if it’s as intrusive and as disgusting as this cough I have. I’ve tried everything from home-made remedies to just about every kind of meds. Mukhang si Doc Aga na lang ang pag-asa. At siyempre ang kanyang trusty gorilla na babatok sakin to get the problem out. hahahaha! FUCK!

Before and After

October 1, 2008

A few before and after photos of some changes I did in my life. Actually, matagal na itong kuha at ngayon ko lang naalalang i-post kasi nga nagkasakit ako. Anyway, here they are…

My TV rack and TV

Well actually, yung unang photo is not really the original set-up nung entertainment system ko. It was originally placed on the other side of the room. Kaso hindi ko nakunan kaya yan na lang. How it looked before I bought the TV and then how it looks now with my new TV.

New look

Dahil nag-birthday ako, I also decided to cut my hair finally after a very long planning. Another year, another look. Though I’ll admit medyo nagmukhang totoy ako, I still like my new look. Haha.