Do you run your own company but is having a hard time monitoring what your employees are doing? Ever wondered how your people at work perform with their job? Are you losing money because you have employees who are always slacking off, but don’t know who they are? Well looks like you definitely need an employee monitoring software that will let you know whether you are getting your money’s worth for your manpower.

But first, let’s discuss what employee monitoring software really is and how it can help your business. Employee monitoring software is a type of software that most businesses today use as a tool to monitor and supervise their employees without even being in the office because they can do it via their computers from a central location. Software like this are deployed over a business network to allow business owners to have an easy and centralized log viewing via one central networked PC. All of these, they can do remotely.

Some of the techniques used in employee monitoring include keystroke monitoring, events timeline logging, emails sent and received logging, application usage, website activity, attentiveness monitoring, and documents opened. Other optional functions that these software can also do are remote desktop viewing, remote internet connections viewing, remote system information viewing, remote message display, remote recent document history viewing, and remote system lockdown control.

If you are a business owner and you would like take advantage of employee monitoring software, you will definitely get your money’s worth because you will have a chance to look into the performance of each and every employee you have in your company, without even them knowing. This means you would know how much to really pay them come payroll time.

And one of the best employee monitoring software that you can use is the system design and being offered by the good people of My Team Monitoring. They offer an easy-to-setup system that you can readily use to bring your business closer to your target. Simply sign up to be able to use their patented remote employee monitoring software, and in no time, you can take a look at what your employees are doing whenever you want, and wherever you are.

Among the features of My Team Monitor’s employee monitoring software include an easy setup that almost anyone, even those without experience with stuff like this, can do. Setup can also be done hassle-free over a cloud system without even using a server. My Team Monitor’s system can also handle up to 100+ employees without any hitch. It can also run on both Windows and Mac computers.

So what are you waiting for? Time for you to take control of your business and take it to the next level. Get the best choice when it comes to employee monitoring software.


Shit happens. It’s the truth. But what I don’t get is why it happen to good people. Why it is that it is always people who have the kindest heart and the purest of soul who end up suffering? There are lots of fucked up things happening because of shitty bastards and their evil ways. Thieves, rapists, child predators, murderers… The list goes on. Why don’t they just all die and go to hell? Why don’t they just choke in their sleep and never wake up again? Why don’t they get sick and suffer for years before they finally succumb to the cruel death they very much deserve? Why is it that it always happen to good people? Good people who have never done anything to cause other people even the slightest of misery. Good people whose only intentions are good and pure in nature. Good people who go the extra mile to make sure that people around them are happy all the time. Good people who love us and care about us despite the things we have done. Good people that we love.

May 21, 2011. 3:25 AM. My Lola, the best person in the world, passed away. Lola will be missed, not just by me and my family, but by all the people whose hearts she touched in the span of her wonderful and happy life. I don’t believe in all that afterlife BS, but I know that Lola is happy because she is fulfilled because her life affected so many lives. I am proud to say that my Lola is that kind of a person. And I am proud that I am one of those people whose life she affected.

So to my Lola, thanks for everything. I will miss our simple chats. I will miss your smile. I will miss you.

September 1, the start of my month. So shut the fuck up all you motherfucking bitches! I am GOD! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Tanginang ‘Yan!

August 1, 2008

Bakit ganun mga tao? Ubod sila ng epal. Ganito kasi yun, I used the phrase “People are stupid” as my YM status message. Then andaming nag-react dun sa statement na yun even though hindi naman sila yung tinutukoy kong “stupid”. Tipong, “edi stupid ka din” or “paano naman ako?” I hate people who assumes, especially those who assumes that everything is about them. Hindi lang kayo ang tao sa mundo, mga pakshet! Hindi porket may nabasa kayo o nakita kayo, kayo ang tinutukoy. One time naman, ginamit kong status message yung “Goodbye Friendship, Hello Heartache” which is the title of one song ng Cinematic Sunrise, a band I really love. Tipong “anong nangyari?” o “anong meron?” o “anong problema, LA?” WALA!!! I like the song, hindi ba pwedeng ilagay ko yun. PUNYETA!!!

One other thing which futher proves that people are stupid and epal, people who hates being branded or judged by other people. Wala nang ibang nakakaasar kundi yung mga taong nagsasabi na hindi sila emo. Or emo sila. Or hindi sila goth. Or goth sila. Or hindi sila hiphop. Or hiphop sila. Or hindi sila pankista. Or pankista sila. Wala kaming pakialam kung ano kayo. You are who you are. Hindi naman porket sinabi ng ibang tao na emo/goth/hiphop/metal/tae/pokpok kayo, eh ganun na kayo. Puro labels at brands lang ang mga terms na yun. So kung magpapadala kayo, edi ganun nga siguro kayo. Sabi nga nila, batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, guilty!

Kaya naman babalik ako sa una kong punto. Epal ang mga tao. At ang magre-react pa sa susunod king statement, mas epal pa.



July 3, 2008

For some reason, I remembered one lessons we had on my art criticism class in college. The one where we talked Social Realism in Philippine art. And I don’t know why, but I’m depressed now because of that…

Weekend Forecast

June 27, 2008

It will effing suck! Because my baby won’t be around. It’s his brother’s wedding at Bataan. Friggin’ suckfest this weekend for sure…

Random Musings…

June 25, 2008

– what if I die today, will people cry?

– will I look good on liquid latex?

– can I actually live up to my 50’s?

– when will I be able to punch an effing celebrity on the face for being so stupid?

– can I actually kill someone in the name of love or friendship?

– what if I’m not this fat, what things would be different?

– do people really care about the world?

– when will I stop?