Shit happens. It’s the truth. But what I don’t get is why it happen to good people. Why it is that it is always people who have the kindest heart and the purest of soul who end up suffering? There are lots of fucked up things happening because of shitty bastards and their evil ways. Thieves, rapists, child predators, murderers… The list goes on. Why don’t they just all die and go to hell? Why don’t they just choke in their sleep and never wake up again? Why don’t they get sick and suffer for years before they finally succumb to the cruel death they very much deserve? Why is it that it always happen to good people? Good people who have never done anything to cause other people even the slightest of misery. Good people whose only intentions are good and pure in nature. Good people who go the extra mile to make sure that people around them are happy all the time. Good people who love us and care about us despite the things we have done. Good people that we love.

May 21, 2011. 3:25 AM. My Lola, the best person in the world, passed away. Lola will be missed, not just by me and my family, but by all the people whose hearts she touched in the span of her wonderful and happy life. I don’t believe in all that afterlife BS, but I know that Lola is happy because she is fulfilled because her life affected so many lives. I am proud to say that my Lola is that kind of a person. And I am proud that I am one of those people whose life she affected.

So to my Lola, thanks for everything. I will miss our simple chats. I will miss your smile. I will miss you.