FHM vs. Playboy – Round 1

April 22, 2008

Yes, I finally got my dirty hands on a copy of Playboy Philippines. Actually, it was last Friday pa pero I thought of just posting something about it kapag nabasa ko na yung first issue ng Playboy. So as promised, here is my comments about that historic magazine issue.

Overall look. Medyo hindi appealing yung appearance nung magazine kasi parang siyang cheap magazine sa quality ng paper at clarity nung mga images. At 199php, I expected something na mas maayos sa ganun.

Content. To say the least, it was a big disappointment kasi hindi ganoon kadami yung mga chicks na na-feature nila. And added to that, I don’t even know half of those girls na nakasalpak yung mga pictures dun. Okay sana kung binigyan ng mas maraming “exposure” para at least mababawi yung fact na they are not among the celebrity elite of the country. About the other features naman including the gaming, gadget, fashion, etc sections, it was like reading those other magazines. Walang pinagkaiba, nothing new and it was just plain boring. Yung mga articles naman, DAMN! They are awfully long and boring to read. And what’s with that interview with that Matthew Mcwhatever that took up almost 5-6 pages of the mag? BOREFEST!!! Madami din akong napansin na lapse sa editing nung mga articles, one of which is in the gadget section kung saan sobrang kulang yung description on one of the phone na bigla na lang naputol. I was thinking nakatulog yung editor at hindi na napansin sa publishing.

My suggestions. Dapat atang bumalik sa drawing board nung mga guys of Playboy Philippines para naman maging mas maayos yung next issue. Sabi pa nung EIC sa notes niya sa mag that they so much hard work on that first issue samantalang parang overnight lang yung ginawang pagtatrabaho dun.

Verdict: FHM or Playboy for the month of April, year 2008. I give it to FHM. Kasi ni hindi inabot ng issue na ito yung kalingkingan ng issue ng FHM with Alessandea de Rossi on the cover. Until next ish…


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