I am officially ending my indefinite hiatus from this blog. From now on, I will try, as hard as I can, to update and post stuff on this blog of mine just like how I was doing before I went into a blog break.

One of the reasons I went into this blog hibernation is that I just got so sick of my job, which now is over because I left that damn company for a better job at this new one. Though I don’t feel any drastic changes (so far) because for one, I am still going to work here at the Ortigas Business Center and my new office if just a couple of blocks from my old work. Because this is my first day here, I still don’t have any idea how much change in my work load and style will be put into place because as far as I know, I will also be writing articles and copies in my new work. But at least, I was able to break free from that stupid job that I had and finally do some serious writing that I think will be mor suitable to my chosen career, which is in advertising. And oh, this company is actually an ad agency focused, I think on online campaigns for products sold entirely through the Internet and coming from abroad.

So there you go. I’ve updated you with some of the stuff that happened to me. And for the next few days, more updates about me and new contents for this site. I’ll also try to bring back the Song of the Day posts.